in pursuit


Obviously, now it is hard to remember exactly when it started.

Maybe on the kids skating rink on Karl Johans gate, when I spent not less than three hours just exactly one year ago,  listening to “La det sne” and watching quite happy capitalistic families;  little blonde headed kid moving awkwardly, and shaking pom-poms on his scarf. Father, drinking gløgg and thinking about this ski season, indifferent, but not more than me. Mother, tired and bored valkyria, transparent eyes and ungroomes eyebrows. Thay are all turning into something, i”ll never understand.

Maybe six months later, in a deep country side. It was night already and I had no idea what to do right now. So it was a good time to keep silence, when one man, thirty years older than me said – “I want to have you in my house, just for some diversity. This place is just too big and I am too lonely. I’m just fishing.” And I said – “No”. I remember this sound in an empty kitchen. And fading interest in his eyes, transparent eyes.

Maybe on the next day, in the morning, looking at one red-faced wife “No, I’m so sorry, but you don’t fit, no, you… don’t qualify to our family. Oh, for our family! Oh, I’m so sorry.”


So these are the moments, when you’re deciding not do do what you don’t want to do. Never.

And since then I didn’t lose a single day.


some home-made fun


Self-made portrait, inspired by one of Grace Kelly shots.

Sinse the sun started to go down at two already, I can’t get any rest while kids are at school, run the risk of sleeping through the couple of daylight hours and waking up in the dark again. That’s why I feel so bitchy!

melbourn girls

So I’m reading australian fashion blogs this morning and you can’t imagine how cool they are. It’s not even that they have spring now ( BUT, blimey, they really have spring!), but these girls really look happy and stylish, while most of the scandinavian fashion blogs become unwatchable tasteless disaster, at least for me. I wanted to make a detailed review for all of the most popular bloggers here in Finland, in Sweden and Norway, but now I’m in doubt.

Australia is definitely a new favourite now!


Beautiful springmood to everyone and bright tuesday!

pieces of the Day

Just some random pictures taken this morning, kid’s breakfast left uneaten_sleeping cat_neighbour’s houses_shower stuff and other pretty everyday’s things of my boring life)

and yes, i like blue tone today)


Today I created an account on

Every evening this meticulous service will e-mail me with the only one question – “What’d you get done today?”. And I’ll have to send back a huge (ahah) list of my todays proud achievements.

Well I read lots of positive feedbacks about this type of motivation and decided to proof it on myself. I really think a lot about planning my time better using various planners and diaries, bit looks like my time’s going to hell exactly while I am meditating over it.

So after one month of this interrogation I will print the whole list of my everyday doings and it will surely help me not to be such a lazy ass sinking in a swamp of procrastionation next time.

You can try also, my dearest blogger friend. But!  notice that “posted a new picture of my cat to my blogg” or “spent ten hours at my shitty work” aren’t such a big deal. At least for me.

Good luck)


Savage beauty






Venice Unmasked | Coco Rocha    

by Laspata & DeCaro for Americana Manhasset’s Fall/Winter 2011



Stunning pictures made me miss Venice again.